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Florida Keys Community College: Local Educational and Research Resource

Lagoon at Florida Keys Community College
The Vandenberg Artificial Reef project is already providing an important educational resource in Key West and the keys. Florida Keys Community College will coordinate monitoring programs to determine the effects of the artificial reef on the marine environment, and on diving and fishing use patterns. Initial monitoring is already taking place to provide a scientifically documented "Before" picture of the area where the reef will be placed and surrounding natural reef areas.
bulletThe Florida Keys Community College is noted for its outstanding programs in Diving Business and Technology and Marine Biology. They have been committed to the Vandenberg project from the earliest days. The involvement of this educational institution adds a dimension that makes this project absolutely unique.
bulletSubstantial Grants have been issued to provide for pre-deployment and post-deployment monitoring of biological development as well as use patterns. This monitoring is already well underway.
bulletThe college has conducted classes in research diving to prepare divers for monitoring studies. Curriculum is planned to conduct future classes in various subjects on the artificial reef.

The college will also coordinate the distance learning programs to be conducted on the artificial reef and made available to classes worldwide on the internet.