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We would like to thank thefollowing people and organizations (who are not listed in any particular order) for their continued help and support.
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Resource Control Corp. "What is an environmentally beneficial way to recyclethis massive glut of vessels that are beginning to accumulate? We are going tobe involved in establishing a new process that will take something that islooked upon as a liability and transform it into a wonderful asset for thecommunity of Key West. We look forward to the day that we can look on theinternet and watch the fish swim by."
                                                               - Jeff Dey, President.
                                                         Resource Control Corporation

 Florida Keys Community College "Properinstallation of an artificial reef could not only enhance our fragile and vitalunderwater environment and encourage tourism, but also provide a valuableresource for both education and research within our community."          


BobSmith, Program Director, Diving Technology

          Florida Keys Community College

Key West Attractions Association "TheAttractions Association Strongly supports the efforts of your organization tocreate an Artificial reef in the waters off Key West. The sinking of the (ship)southwest of Western Sambo will be an event which will bring positive attentionto our community. We congratulate you on the thorough work you are doing to makethis project beneficial to the environment, the educational community and thebusiness community."
                                                              -Michael Morowski

Save A Turtle "Weat Save-A-Turtle would like to commend you for your efforts to place theship...offshore Key West, to serve as an Artificial Reef that will add NEWHabitat, for the marine animals in our area...we support ARK and the efforts toprovide that, with the addition of shipwrecks as a way to reduce stress on ourarea reefs and provide a new thriving area of marine life."
                                                                 -Mike Hall

Key West Harbor Pilots   "Wedo believe this project will be an asset to the dive and recreational fishingindustry as well as the general public...We congratulate all those involved inthis worthy project and will be glad to support it in any way that wecan."                                                     -Captain Robert W. Johnson
                                                                       Senior Pilot.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary" Iam writing this letter to express the support of the Florida Keys NationalMarine Sanctuary (FKNMS) for the placement of a shipwreck as an artificial reefbetween the Western Sambos Ecological Reserve and Sand Key... I applaud yourinitiative to build partnerships in the community."
                                                                         -Billy D. Causey, Superintendent
                                                                   Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Key West Hotel & Motel Association "Please be advised that the Board of Directors of Key West Hotel and MotelAssociation at its regular meeting of March 1, 2000 voted to support yourefforts to complete this project."
                                                                          -Jack Smith, MSA
                                                                         Executive Vice President.

Key West Innkeepers Association "The Key West Innkeepers Association supports your organization in the effort tocreate an artificial reef in Key West by sinking the ship...By working with theMarine Sanctuary and the Community College you have developed a project whichwill benefit the whole community including the interests of business, educationand the environment.
                                                                         -John W. Marburg
                                                                     President, Board of Directors.

 Key West Chamber of Commerce "Thesinking of the a project which will benefit the whole communityincluding business and environmental interests...The Key West Chamber ofCommerce commends the thorough and careful planning you are giving to thisundertaking for the future of our environment."
                                                                       -Virginia A. Panico
                                                                    Executive Vice President.

Seaweed's Ship's HistoriesWe would like to thank 'Seaweed's Ships Histories' forproviding us with photographs (such as the black and white photograph on ourhomepage) of the General Hoyt Vandenberg. 

Florida DEP "Thisletter represents an expression of interest in...the use of the vessel 'GeneralHoyt Vandenburg' as as artificial reef. This is a project which is being promotedby the diving community under the leadership of a local grass roots non profitorganization called Artificial Reefs of the Keys, Ltd."
                                          -Jon Dodrill, Environmental Administrator
                                 Office of Fisheries Management And Assistance Services.


US Dept. of Transportation - Maritime Administration (MaritimeAdministration)
"Be advised that the vessel (General Hoyt S. Vandenberg) has been set asidefor the Artificial Fish Reef Program and specifically for the Artificial Reefsof the Keys due to their active interest."
                                                           -Andres Hark, Vessel Custody Analyst.


Key West Business Guild " your organizations efforts to sink the Vandenberg in the watersof Key West as an artificial reef for diving and fish habitat. We admire yourorganizations thoroughness in involving many other groups in this project thatis supportive of the environmental, business and educational 
communities in Key West."
                                                          -Kent Henry, President.


City of Mexico Beach "The city has developed both reef balls and pyramids and there has been asignificant increase in both the size and quantity of fish...I think artificialreefs are extremely worthwhile and the City will continue its program eachyear."
                                                        -Frank Healy.


Florida Keys Wild Dolphin Alliance
" The FKWDA fully supports Artificial Reefs of the Keys, and the current Vandenberg wreck project. we encourage community support ...This project provides a multitude of invaluable opportunities for the recreational dive community in regards to promoting potential increased tourism, educational research & monitoring programs and much more.
                                                                            -Captain Sheri L. Sullenger, Co-Director.

Reef Relief
"Such a reef will increase habitat for reef fishes and provide arecreational opportunity for divers."
                                                                            -DeeVon Quirolo, Executive Director.  

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