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Vandenberg at sea. circa mid-70's

300 ppi @ 6"w

Vandenberg at Port Canaveral, National bi-centennial

300 ppi@ 6" w

Coming hometo Trident Pier, Port Canaveral, FL, after a mission

300 ppi @ 4"w x 6" h

In Freetown Sierra Leone; after working hard

200 ppi @ 4.75 w

Moored in the  MARAD reserve "ghost fleet" on the James River at Ft. Eustis, Newport News Virginia

300 ppi @ 6" w

The "ghost fleet" on a gray day, James River VA. Vandenberg # 6 from left (with dome)

300ppi @ 3.4" w

Bridge: top will be 40' be;ow the surface

125 ppi @ 3.75" w

On deck, showiing radar dishes

144 ppi @ 3.5" w

Before conversion to Vandenberg, The ship as WWII troop transport, USNS Gen. Harry Taylor

300 ppi @ 6" w

USNS Gen. Harry Taylor was the first ship returning to New York Harbor after VJ day

300 ppi @ 5.25" w

Crew and troops aboard the Gen. Harry Taylor, WWII

150 ppi @ 4" w

Officers and crew WWII

150ppi @ 7"w

Artist's conception of the Vandenberg as an artificial reef, by Key West artist, David Harrison Wright

300 ppi @ 6" w

Scale drawing of ship after preparing and cutting for diver safety and access

300 ppi gif @ 7.25"w

ARK logos: 300 ppi



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