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History Timeline

USS/USNS Gen. Harry Taylor

  • 22 February 1943 General G. O. Squier Class Transport Laid down as a Maritime Commission type (C4-S-A1) hull, under a Maritime Commission contract, at Kaiser Co. Inc., Yard No. 3, Richmond, CA
  • 10 October 1943 Launched
  • 29 March 1944 Acquired by the Navy,
  • 1 April 1944 placed in ferry commission for transfer to Portland OR for conversion to a transport by Kaiser at Vancouver, WA
  • 10 April 1944 decommissioned
  • 8 May 1944 Commissioned USS General Harry Taylor (AP-145), CAPT. J. L. Wyatt in command
  • 8 May 1944 to 26 June 1945, Pacific ports
  • 7-8 May 1945 Victory in Europe, surrender of Nazi Germany
  • 29 June 1945 departed San Francisco for duty in the Atlantic
  • 8 July 1945 Passing through Panama Canal
  • 5 August 1945 depart from Marseilles France bound for Panama Canal and planned invasion of Japan
  • 15 August 1945 announcement of victory over Japan
  • 18 August 1945 First Ship Home to New York
  • 2 September 1945 Formal surrender of Japan; “Magic Carpet” voyage from Marseilles, bringing home the troops from European fighting
  • 13 September 1945 to 21 May 1946, voyages to Egypt, India, LeHavre France and Bremerhaven Germany
  • 13 June 1946 Decommissioned at Baltimore, MD.
  • Struck from the Naval Register (date unknown)
  • Transferred to the US Army Transport Service and placed in commission as USAT General Harry Taylor
  • 1 March 1950 Reacquired by the Navy, and assigned to the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS),
  • Placed in service as USNS General Harry Taylor; reclassified (T-AP-145)
  • 19 September 1957 Placed out of service,
  • 10 July 1958 Transferred to the Maritime Commission for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Beaumont, TX.

USAFS/USNS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg

MARAD Fleet, James River, VA

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